• Author Active Trainer
  • Sport Triathlon
  • Athlete Profile Intermediate
  • Program Length 6 days a week for 12 weeks

This Intermediate Training Plan is for the Sprint Distance triathlon which generally consists of 500-800 meters swim, followed be a bike ride somewhere between 12 and 17 miles and then generally a 5 kilometers run. Sprint distance triathlons are excellent events to get an introduction to the world of triathlons. Sprint triathlons allow the athlete to experience the variety of multi-sport training which can be a real lift to the body, mind, and spirit. One of the keys to success in training for a triathlon is striking just the right balance. You’ll become proficient at juggling types of workouts, intensity and duration in addition to balancing the overall amount of time devoted to all three sports. This training plan will provide you with variety, help create a higher level of fitness, develop muscle symmetry, enhance weight loss and may even help in preventing injury. It was developed to take you from a minimal level of fitness to a level that will get you through a Sprint distance event. The workouts are focused on training in both an aerobic state and an anaerobic state and helping you to become more efficient at the various disciplines. You must prepare yourself both physically and mentally to push your body. At the height of your training, the time commitments should average between 6-9 hours per week. Your training schedule is developed so that within 12 weeks, you go to your event at your top physical condition. Your training will be focused so that you can finish in good shape and know you did your best. Remember that the primary goal of training should always be the same for everyone: to experience the joy and satisfaction of being physically fit and finishing something you start. With these goals in mind, we’re all winners. Enjoy!


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