• Author Active Trainer
  • Sport Weight Loss
  • Athlete Profile Advanced
  • Program Length 6 days a week for 8 weeks

There are three pillars to healthy weight loss: strength training, cardiovascular training, and good nutrition. This plan was constructed with each pillar in mind and designed to gradually take you from your first step to a healthier balanced lifestyle. The plan starts with detailed explanation of proper training techniques and each week builds upon the last. Although the duration of the plan is 8 weeks, you will experience two peak and taper cycles designed to optimize weight loss and take you to the next level. In addition to the physical fitness aspect you will receive detailed guidance on proper nutrition as well as helpful lifestyle tips. The ultimate goal is to introduce a healthy balance of cardio, strength, and nutrition into your daily life. 6The advanced plan is designed for the active individual looking for a detailed plan to help you reach your weight loss and lifestyle goals


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