Keyes Peak Trail Run

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Join us for a trail race in the beautiful forested highlands of Florence County. Known for its wild rivers and remote wilderness, this rugged terrain features some of the best trail running in the Upper Great Lakes.50K & MarathonThe course starts and finishes at the Keyes Peak Ski Lodge on the east side of Highway 101, 4 miles southwest of Florence, WI. The course ascends a service road through the woods to summit of Keyes Peak where runners will enjoy magnificent vistas of Keyes Lake and the forested terrain of Northern Wisconsin. The course is a single undulating loop through old growth pine forests, stand of paper birch, open meadows and river valley. The trail consists of dirt forest roads, two tracks, cross country ski trails, and single track. The terrain is rolling and diverse and flows well from start to finish. The 50K course includes an additional 5 mile trail loop that leaves and reenters the marathon course at approximately the 14 mile mark. Marathoners will cross the Pine River at mile 18 while 50K runners will cross at mile 23. Drop bag service is available at the post river crossing aid station for those wishing to change into dry shoes, etc.10KThe 10 Km course is a scenic loop that also ascends Keyes Peak and follows dirt forest road for 2.5 miles before jumping on a winding section of single track through the forested highlands surrounding the summit area. Trail includes dirt forest road, two track and single track through the rolling highlands between Keyes Lake, Emily Lake and County Road N.

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