2012 St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration 5K for Women & ...

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The St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration is an all ages, all abilities 5K for women and children! This is our 20th year and the Celebration 5K is the best in the west offering a beautiful & certified course, outstanding wave organization, Tuxedo Row, great live music, and an incredible breakfast (milk, coffee, water, bagel, fruit & yogurt parfait, string cheese, apple, Subway cookie, and ice cream bar). We accommodate all levels of fitness, and celebrate everyone from our Tiny Tots (5 & under), to our Elite competitors (Run and Wheels) and to our participants over age 70 (honored with a rose and a medal). The Celebration also has a Special Achievers Course; this 1.2-mile course runs along the Boise Greenbelt rejoining the regular race right before Tuxedo Row and the Finish Line. Register today! See you on September 22nd!

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