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Recently Added Events

Name Date Added By
R&R Half - Nashville 2015-04-25 PvtDancer
Raider Run 2015-04-04 PvtDancer
Historic Half Marathon 2015-05-17 Daria Berman
Batting Cages 2015-03-25 ChelseaVanBlarcum
The Easter Egg Virtual Run - 5k/10k/Half Marathon 2015-04-04 IrishMel21

Latest Results

Name Date Person Result
Winter's End 4.5 Mile Run 2015-03-22 BarbRupert Time: 51:32 Pace: 11:27 Overall: 112/120 Age Group: 50-59 6F Gender: 53/56
Irish Jig 2015-03-21 5KPR 21:25
St. Patrick's DayGold Run 5K 2015-03-14 sihawks Finished in 11th at 28.10
Panther City 5K 2015-03-14 GaryM. 30:30 3rd in 55-59 age group.
Disney Enchanted 10K 2015-02-21 peachlm 47:20

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Recent Events

Name Date
Batting Cages 2015-03-25
Publix 5K 2015-03-22
Fort Desoto 5K 2015-03-22
Hot Chocolate Run San Diego 2015-03-22
Hot Chocolate Run 2015-03-22