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Recently Added Events

Name Date Added By
5 K 2014-10-25 TeeSheetz
Walk 2014-08-26 DawnMarie20234
Park Ridge Charity Classic 5K 2014-09-27 Fred Bazzoli
Buffalo Grove Stampede 10K 2014-08-31 Fred Bazzoli
Ashland Harvest Run & Pumpkin Walk 2014-10-18 Chasing2boys

Latest Results

Name Date Person Result
North Country Run 2013-08-24 DeniseOtt 3:47
2014 Fort2Base 10 & 3 Nautical Miles 2014-08-24 BGat 1:56:16
Harmony Run For The Sun 5k, Forsyth Ga. 2014-08-23 tomlinsi Completed 2nd Age Div 58.45
Josephine Harmon John 3:16 2014-08-23 tomlinsi Completed 1st Age Div 56.19
Top Of Utah half 2014-08-23 A.S.Hone 3:00:02

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Name Date
Disneyland Half Marathon 2014-08-26
10 k training 2014-08-26
Walk 2014-08-26
2014 IRONMAN Louisville 2014-08-24
Chicago Triathlon 2014-08-24